A random selection for the List App @BookClub. There's no particular theme, these are just sentences that I loved.
  1. Are you drinking because you're sad, or are you drinking to show me how sad you are?
  2. There was nothing that miracle woman couldn't do, he thought, then thought about how this fresh-cut-grass smell was the olfactory scream of the plants.
  3. Dogs, being wordless, can only be mirrors of their humans. It's not their fault that their people are fatally flawed.
  4. His wife carried their picnic basket to the edge of the lake under a willow so old it no longer wept, just sort of bore its fate with thickened equanimity.
  5. Sallie considered her sister-in-law; though she appeared confected of sugar and air, there was a bitter black walnut at her core.
  6. The noble feel the same strong feelings as the rest of us; the difference is in how they choose to act.
  7. Home, moonlight planing the surface of the desk, bone fingers of winter trees plucking stars from the sky.
  8. He saw the soft cotton of dawn wipe over the face of the night.