And how that changed over the course of the book.
  1. I didn't really identify with any of the characters to start with.
  2. I was certainly not Mathilde and definitely not Lotto.
  3. But as the story progressed, I saw parts of myself in Lotto. [Minus the magnetic personality, of course.]
  4. For example, after the opening night of Lotto's first play, when he received the one bad review from Phoebe Delmar and basically laid down to creatively die, my first thought was, "Seriously? Come on dude, you opened on Broadway. Pick yourself up and get your shit together."
  5. And then I stopped and mentally went "Uh oh".
  6. Sometimes [SOMETIMES] I might do that.
  7. As in, one little set back, one little negative thing that happens and I might just need to rethink my whole life. Again.
  8. And just maybe I need to create a bit of Mathilde in me [minus the fury and scheming, but maybe a bit of the entrepreneurial Mathilde Essence] to slap the lounging Lotto right out of me so I get back to work.
  9. Just a thought.
  10. Ps: thanks to @BookClub for organizing this and hopefully there will be an April book that we'll read together.