In no particular order...
  1. Any time we go to the movies together.
  2. When you introduce me to a new TV show, I resist for 6 months or more, then all of a sudden I fall in love with it & binge watch every episode in the shortest amount of time possible, then we can finally talk about it.
  3. Driving around together just so we're "out of the house" but we don't have to be "out in public".
  4. Helping you write Saucy Santa dialogue for your screenplay.
  5. Knowing that we can literally tell each other anything & everything. From hopes, dreams & plans for the future to celebrity crushes to weird & disturbing dreams. A No Judgement Zone, the Cone of Silence, the Sphere of Secrecy.
  6. Giggling uncontrollably about random stuff. The healing balm for the soul.