My 200th list. 😘
  1. When I can't think of a single thing to list about.
  2. When I have so many list ideas but feel that none of them will be good enough to hit the Publish button and so I'll just lay down and have a nap instead.
  3. When I write what I think is a great list but after mulling it over for about 5 minutes realize everyone will think I'm a weirdo if I post it.
  4. When I write a list and even *I* think I'm a weirdo.
  5. Maybe I AM a weirdo.
  6. What if everyone is a weirdo, in their own weird way.
  7. Ok, I might be getting off topic here.
  8. When I publish a list and no one likes it. Or gets it. Or even reads it.
  9. I am going to take that nap now.