January 26th is Australia Day! And to celebrate, I thought I'd compile a list of things that are quintessentially Australia.
  1. Vegemite
    People either love it or hate it. I've come across some Aussies who feel obligated to eat it, and will spread the barest layer on their toast (you can hardly even see it) just to say they're eating vegemite. I love it and prefer to spread a very generous thick slab of it on my toast. I could literally eat it by the spoonful and have done so on several occasions.
  2. Tim Tams
    THE chocolate biscuit to eat in Australia. And one of the essential ingredients in a Tim Tam Slurpee. This is where you bite/nibble off a bit of each end of the biscuit, dunk one end into a cup of coffee, slurp the coffee up through the biscuit, like it's a straw, and then try to shove the whole coffee-soaked melted biscuit into your mouth as gracefully as possible. It's an art form.
  3. Thongs
    Try to buy them with an Australian theme. We all wear them like that. ***
  4. An Akubra hat
    Every Australian owns at least one. ***
  5. Meat Pies
    If a food establishment tries to charge you extra for for a sachet of tomato sauce (ketchup) to go with your pie, just remind them we had a referendum on that and it should be free. ***
  6. Lamingtons
    Delicious cubes of sponge cake, sometimes sandwiched together with a little strawberry jam, iced in chocolate icing and tossed in coconut.
  7. Iced VoVo biscuits
    Pink fondant and raspberry jam on top of a biscuit base and covered in coconut. You could try eating this in a similar fashion to the Tim Tam Slurpee but I doubt it would be successful.
  8. Pavlova
    Whipped and baked egg white dessert, traditionally covered in whipped cream and fruit.
  9. Boomerangs
    Similar to a frisbee, except in theory it's supposed to return to the original thrower.
  10. Didgeridoo
    Not an instrument that is widely used in contemporary Australian music anymore. You can make cool fart sounds with them though! Apparently...
  11. XXXX
    REALLY bad beer. There are so many other great beers produced by Australia but this is probably the most well known. The only beer worse than XXXX is Fosters. (Note: this is my personal opinion and may not reflect the beliefs of the wider Australian population).
  12. Anzac biscuits
    We share this biscuit recipe with New Zealand - they're named after the Australian & New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC). They are super easy to make and have a rolled oats, golden syrup and coconutty taste. I can't be trusted to eat just one. Dozen.
  13. Fairy Bread
    Mainly for children's parties but not necessarily. Sometimes good for breakfast. ***
  14. Cricket
    I'm indifferent to cricket. Not a fan of test matches, I won't actively seek to watch it or go to a game, but if I'm flicking through the TV channels and a day/night match has started or is in progress I can get quite enthusiastic about it.
  15. Macadamia nuts
    There's nothing like relaxing on your back deck with a boutique beer and a couple of kilos of salted macadamia nuts!! It's the life.
  16. Bundaberg Rum
    Bundy rum, distilled in Bundaberg, Queensland. The spirit of choice for most underage drinkers of my era. As a result, I'm not a big drinker of it now. It's nice in cocktails though, mixed with a lot of other flavors.
  17. *** These statements may contain some factual inaccuracies.