1. So tonight, after work, I feel like taking myself to the movies but I'm undecided on what to see.
  2. I'll be going to the cinema near where I work and I have 3 choices that line up with the time I want. They are:
  3. The Big Short
  4. The Danish Girl
  5. Spotlight
  6. Who has seen these? What are your recommendations?
  7. Go 👇
  8. I haven't seen any of them (helpful!) but I've heard the Danish girl is not that good (I would have wanted to see it if I hadn't heard that). I want to see the other two equally, both supposed to be excellent. Hope you enjoy whatever you pick 🙂📽
    Suggested by @ellaellakennedy
  9. I've seen Big Short and it's fascinating and kind of funny and will explain what happened but might make you angry (it did me). My friends who have seen Spotlight say it's an amazing story and well acted but it's about a very horrible thing. Both are 'good for you' viewing IMHO. So: I (who you don't know) would see The Danish Girl on the big screen
    Suggested by @andersun
  10. BIG SHORT is shaggy, hilarious, and well written/acted. SPOTLIGHT obviously has zero laughs, but it's all-around perfect, a sturdy oak table of a movie. Of the two, SHORT will be end up being the one we all love and quote years from now. Didn't see DANISH GIRL.
    Suggested by @roche
  11. The Big Short or Spotlight
    Both "based on" true events and brilliantly acted IMO
    Suggested by @kate81
  12. I've seen The Big Short and Spotlight. I thought spotlight was great, but The Big Short was absolutely AMAZING!! It was probably my favorite movie of all of 2015
    Suggested by @mrush
  13. The Danish Girl was fantastic, Eddie Redmayne gave such a phenomenal performance. The film was beautiful, the story incredible. I cried lots of times for lots of reasons. In my opinion its a really important film people need to see to help them understand trans issues ect.
    Suggested by @rchtndll
  14. I've seen all 3 and right away would take Danish Girl out of the running unless you just want to admire Eddie Redmayne for 2 hours that feel like 6 hours. The Big Short and Spotlight are both riveting cinematic portrayals of real events that will make you leave the theatre feeling like you want to change the world. The Big Short has RyGos 😍
    Suggested by @Sammyjbv
  15. Big Short was entertaining and educating in a unique way. Spotlight was riveting and perfection. Both great and deserving of Best Picture nods. Go with whatever start time is more convenient ? (Insert shruggie guy here)
    Suggested by @supercommonname
  16. I'd say the Big Short if you're looking for interesting/funny/more upbeat (not as angering since you're out of the US), Spotlight if you're looking for deep subject matter, drama, and possibly a cry.... Both are really good.
    Suggested by @BWN_7
  17. Edit: So far, based on this and the people I work with, The Danish Girl is out of the picture and The Big Short and Spotlight are neck and neck. Just over three hours to go until the work day is done and I shall purchase a ticket.