Highlights of the Aussie List Meetup 🐨

  1. Getting to the first venue and realizing we'd be crashing someone's wedding.
    📷: by the awesome @jesszaffino ❤️
  2. @lochie the Lister enjoyed so much attention from the List Babes.
  3. @jesszaffino and @alexdwyer63 starting List fun and frivolity.
  4. Me and @Evie not doing the Great Debates call in this photo. That came earlier.
  5. @helenab looking very glamorous.
  6. @Evie and @Noams caught in that magical golden light!
  7. Me and @callmesabby 😊
  8. When we all tried to take photos of our first 'cheers' at the same time 😄
  9. Uh oh, Lochie's starting to get tipsy.
  10. Food. Drinks.
  11. That first trending shout!! OMG!!
    There were a few shouts!! 😀
  12. Group photo with some bridge in the background.
  13. Ladies, I had such a wonderful evening, it was so great to meet you all!!!
    Much ❤️ and 😘