Australians are generally pretty relaxed when it comes to Australia Day and there are many ways to celebrate. Here are a few:
  1. Spend the day hanging out with family and friends.
  2. A barbecue
    Much like the food at Christmas, really. Grilled sausages, steak, seafood, etc. (a vegan's nightmare), served with lots of salads. It's summer and most people will likely be eating outdoors. It's humid AF in Brisbane though, so I'll be staying in the air con.
  3. Swimming
    Australians may choose to spend the day by their pool, or a friend or relative's pool. Or they might head to the beach to go swimming.
  4. Play backyard cricket
    Slightly different rules to the official sport, mainly due to restrictions on space and quite possibly skill. Rules such as 6 and out, where you're out if the ball is hit over the fence. As opposed to receiving applause from the crowd in the official game.
  5. Triple J Hottest 100
    Each year, Triple J radio station hosts a poll and listeners will vote on the hottest 100 songs from the previous year. They play the whole list from 100 down to 1 on Australia Day. It starts at 11am and will often be the soundtrack to the day's activities.
  6. There's usually fireworks in the evening
    There will be fireworks at Southbank, Brisbane tonight.
  7. Watch Australian movies
    I'll be doing a bit of this today, especially as it looks like it's going to rain throughout some of the day.
  8. It's a public holiday
    This is the best thing. Not having to go to work!
  9. Thanks for the list request @LizDawson!!