1. I absolutely hate having my photo taken. It's the worst.
  2. I don't know why.
  3. Maybe cause when we were little, Dad would take photos of my sister and I all the time. Maybe.
  4. But anyway, I hate being photographed. And I don't do selfies.
  5. Which is a conundrum when I'm trying to come up with a profile pic.
  6. I mean, do I put up a picture of my cat, a photo of a flower that I took, a celebrity I look up to? Tricky.
  7. Then one day when I was half-heartedly googling potential profile pics, I can across this one.
  8. I liked it. She had red hair, I have red hair. She lounges around in black lingerie, I wish I could. I thought why not!
  9. And thus a profile pic was born.
  10. Although lately...I have been toying with the notion of putting up a photo of myself as a profile pic. Just for the List App, of course. Everywhere else I shall leave this one up.
  11. It's still just a notion at this stage.
  12. Or maybe I'll use a still of the Galantine's Day gif @Lisa_Fav used for me. I do love this!!
  13. Thanks for the list request @eetak 😊