Requested by Bill


I've been waiting until I was ready to order a book that meets my contact-covering selection criteria, but there's none in this category that I want at the moment. So Wuthering Heights slipped into some contact this afternoon.
  1. First of all, you need a book. Then some contact, a pair of scissors and a ruler.
    I use this Harry Potter ruler when contacting books. It's small and it fits the size of a book perfectly.
  2. First of all, I measure how much contact I will need based on the height of the book.
  3. For novels, I usually trim a little off the end of the contact, otherwise it's too much overhang that goes on the inside cover.
  4. Then I very gently fold the contact in half, making a very light crease so I know where the centre is.
  5. I then peel the backing paper back just to this light crease, and then I go a little bit further. Basically half the thickness of the book. I then press the backing paper down more firmly.
  6. I take the book and firmly press the spine onto the contact, centering it so that there's an even space on either end of the book.
    I usually start with the back of the book first. No particular reason.
  7. I take the contact at the edges with my fingertips, pull it back firmly and using my Harry Potter ruler, gently ease the contact onto the book.
    I never try to do it in one go. Small moments across the cover does the trick. Just move the ruler back and forth. Don't press too hard.
  8. It should look like this.
  9. Then I snip diagonally down into the contact towards the spine and also snip a wedge out at the corners of the book like so.
  10. I ease the contact onto the inside cover of the book. I fold the bottom and the top parts in first before the longer edge.
  11. I use my Harry Potter ruler to finish the piece of contact on the edge of the book.
  12. The corners look like this.
  13. Then it's time to do the front cover. I stand the book upright and gently whip off the remaining backing paper in one smooth motion.
    I sometimes make a big show of tossing the backing paper as far as I can at this point. My cat likes to play with the paper and it gets him out from under my feet. Plus I'm not fond of inadvertently getting cat fur trapped between book and contact, so he needs to be amused elsewhere.
  14. And the front is done the same way as the back. Naturally.
  15. Cut diagonally into the contact again and fold down on the inside of the cover.
  16. I then trim the leftover contact from the top and the bottom.
  17. And smooth down any wrinkles on the spine.
  18. Stand back and admire your work. Think to yourself that someday someone somewhere in the world will ask you how you contact your books and that you may be able to build a career around it.
  19. Thanks for the list request @pili_ervin! I hope this is what you were hoping for 😊