How to make a terrarium

  1. First you need a glass container.
    Give it a wash before you use it. Also, I like to put a towel down cause this can get dirty.
  2. Assemble your ingredients.
    You'll need plants, soil, gravel, sphagnum moss, charcoal and whatever else you want to put in your terrarium, like rocks, crystals and moss.
  3. First, put a layer of gravel in. Like so.
  4. Then add a few pieces of charcoal to the gravel.
    This keeps everything healthy and makes sure that your terrarium doesn't grow any mold.
  5. Grab your sphagnum moss.
    This is what it looks like in its dried state. It'll need a bit of soaking.
  6. I usually soak the sphagnum moss for a minute or two.
  7. Squeeze out the excess water and put some down on top of the gravel and charcoal.
  8. Now for some soil. Just add a thin layer for now, enough to cover the sphagnum moss.
    You can add more soil later with the plants.
  9. Now get your plants ready.
    It helps to have a rough idea of how you want your terrarium to look. Put your plants in first and see how they look before adding any more soil. It'll be easier to change things this way.
  10. In the larger terrarium, I decided I just wanted the fern with a few stones in a 'step' arrangement.
    Terrariums don't have to be 'level', add some height if you like.
  11. Like so.
    Once you're happy with your plant placement, then you can add the soil around them. Pack the soil down gently so that it stays in place. You don't want too heavy a hand though.
  12. For the smaller terrarium, I chose the baby fern and a small cutting of this cute stripy leafed guy.
  13. It's moss time!
    I'm lucky in that I have a nice patch of moss growing in my back yard as a result of some rainy weather recently. I just scraped it gently from the soil to place in its new home.
  14. Gently press the moss onto the soil, piecing it together until you're happy with how it looks.
  15. Areal shot.
    I added a small amethyst cluster to the large terrarium at the last minute. I'm whimsical like that. Sometimes.
  16. Side view. Now it's time to give your new terrarium some water.
  17. Drizzle in some water, just enough to soak into the gravel.
    You don't want to turn your terrarium into a water world. Just enough to dampen the soil. Also, add a mist of water from a spray bottle to add some humidity to your new plant world.
  18. Pop the lids on. And voila! You have made a terrarium.
  19. Here's the larger terrarium on my desk at home.
    I had enough moss left over to make a small moss only terrarium.
  20. And here's the smaller terrarium on my desk at work.
  21. Ongoing terrarium care.
    Every now and then, lift the lid off your terrarium and spray it lightly with some water. Ideally, with the lid on, your terrarium will create its own little weather environment. But it will need a little help. Don't go too heavy on the water though or you'll kill it with kindness. Just check on it every few days. If the soil looks like it's drying out and the gravel at the bottom looks dry then it's time to water.