1. This bold statement may cause a bit of backlash from audiobook fans across the great Lands of Li.st.
  2. Why? Well, sometimes I tend to drift off as the narrator is talking. I'll check my phone, Twitter, Instagram, etc. And all of a sudden I come back to the present moment and wonder how long it's been since I last paid any real attention to the story.
    Then it's a game of pressing the back button until I recognize familiar story landmarks. And so I've not really explored the audiobook phenomenon any further.
  3. But I've read a couple of lists recently that really promote the audiobook. And so I thought I'd give it a proper go.
  4. Here are the audiobooks that I selected for my trial run:
  5. Born Standing Up, Steve Martin
    I have the paperback of this & enjoyed it immensely. It was top of the list in the recent Memorably Great Audiobooks list from @helytimes so I thought I'd start with this one. The lure of listening to the book in Steve Martin's voice was pretty enticing & he did not disappoint. My only complaint was that I seemed to startle the people next to me on the bus when I started laughing without warning. Was prompted to join the Audible 30 day trial but said, "no thanks, let's just start with this one".
  6. Mr Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore, Robin Sloan
    A recommendation from one of the many fine audiobook lists from @Grosstastic. I started the Audible 30 day trial with this one. Having someone read me a story such as this threw me back to my childhood, when I would sit on Mum or Dad's lap and they would read to me. I found it delightful. As was this story, even though I sat on no one's lap. I used every excuse wherever possible to listen to it and loved the way the narrator did all the different voices for the characters.
  7. The Bassoon King, Rainn Wilson
    The second of my downloads as part of the Audible 30 day trial. I'm half way through this one and am finding it hilarious. I don't think it would be as entertaining if I were just reading the book myself. It would still be hilarious but it really needs to be read to me as I chuckle along loudly to myself while fellow bus passengers give me strange looks.
  8. The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg
    I'm also half way through this one. Very interesting and I tried to apply some of the tactics to my gym routine this week. I successfully dragged myself out of bed four times this week to work out but it's Friday morning and I'm still in my pajamas, so that's not going to happen. Maybe next week.
  9. Fishbowl, Bradley Somer
    This is ready to go for my weekend listening.
  10. I think I can confidently say I am enjoying listening to audiobooks now!
  11. Not sure if I'll continue with an Audible membership though. From what I understand, you get 1 credit (1 book) each month and the cost of the membership is about the same price as an audio book.
    Unless there's any other special benefits that I'm unaware of?
  12. If anyone has any thoughts on whether sticking with the membership is a great idea or not really worth it, please leave a comment and help me make a decision. Thanks!