1. Today's hike is one of my all-time favorites: the Witches Falls circuit.
  2. First of all, let's just stop for a moment and revel in the beauty of My New Hiking Boots!!
    They're super comfortable and look swanky. No rolled ankles for me thank you! Not today!
  3. Here we are at the start of the walk.
    It's a circuit that goes down the west side of the mountain, through the rainforest and back up the mountain again. I recommend heading left here and walking clockwise. It's easier coming back up the mountain, especially at the end.
  4. Here we are at the start of the track.
    We haven't got to the rainforest bit yet.
  5. There are some great views of the valley as you're walking down the mountain.
  6. I went hiking today with my Dad. Everyone, say hi to my Dad!
  7. The transition from bush to rainforest is very sudden. One minute we are walking through this.
  8. And before you know it, rainforest!
  9. We saw lots of trees.
  10. Dad and I took lots of photos.
  11. We stopped for a break at Witches Falls.
    Which didn't actually have a lots of water going over at all! I've seen it much better than this. But it's the journey that's important. And there hasn't been a lot of rain lately.
  12. Of course, after no rain for a while it started raining toward the end of our walk.
    It made the rainforest smell extra beautiful.
  13. Walking back up the mountain.
  14. Made it!
  15. Afterwards, we went to Witches Falls winery!
  16. And I tried lots of wine.
    Dad was driving so I was chief taster.
  17. I stocked up on some of their wild ferment range.
    Divine wines!!
  18. And then it was home time 😊