Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Assuming I could go back in time and retain all my current knowledge and experience...
  2. I'd stand up for myself more in school. No bully would get the better of me.
    That goes for fellow students and the teachers. Although I really only had the one teacher that I had issues with.
  3. I'd choose different subjects in high school.
    These would be based on my interests not my fear of failure.
  4. I'd choose a different career straight out of high school.
    I did an apprenticeship in cooking and became a chef. I probably wouldn't do this again.
  5. I wouldn't choose to work in finance.
    My current job. I really don't like it. But I feel like I'm not qualified for anything else and now I feel trapped.
  6. I wouldn't go out with a couple of guys who turned out to be total jerks who treated me badly.
    They wouldn't even get a first date.
  7. I'd break up with my boyfriend of 3 years after we'd been together for 2 years.
    We had lots of good times. I don't regret the relationship but we'd grown apart and we were basically flat mates who slept in the same bed throughout the last year. I'd let go earlier. It might have made breaking up easier. Maybe. Maybe not.
  8. Maybe I'd stay living in Melbourne after breaking up with aforementioned long term boyfriend.
    I love Melbourne. I did stay for a few years after the break up but all of 'our' friends were 'his' friends and he got to keep them in the settlement. I got the furniture, so I guess fair's fair. Maybe I should have made more of an effort to make the city my own instead of running back home to Brisbane just cause I felt lonely.
  9. But even if I could change all these things there's no guarantee that I'd be any happier.
  10. Plus, I wouldn't have the amazing friends that I have now.
  11. I might even be a different person altogether.
    Maybe I'd be a total bitch. Maybe I'd be a better person. Who can tell?
  12. It's nice to dream, but I probably wouldn't change anything.
    Maybe I'll just try to get better at handling things that are happening in my life at the moment. 😊