I feel like I'm only qualified to recommend places in Australia where I've actually been. If I've left anything out, I hope my fellow Aussies will be forgiving.
  1. Brisbane:
    Where I live, so obviously everyone should visit here!
  2. I've already written a list on places to visit in the city. But there's lots of other places to go.
    Here's the list of things to do/see in Brisbane city: PLACES TO VISIT IN BRISBANE
  3. Mount Tamborine
    I love Mount Tamborine. It's not too long a drive from my place to beautiful rainforests.
  4. Springbrook National Park
    A bit further south from Mount Tamborine. Rainforests on steroids! Such a beautiful place to visit.
  5. Gold Coast
    I haven't been in years. Great beaches, although I prefer to head up closer to where Sea World is for quieter beaches and less people.
  6. Australia Zoo
    Founded by the late Steve Irwin. I haven't been myself, but I have driven past it, so it makes the list.
  7. Glasshouse Mountains
    The rocky cores of volcanos past. I think there's about 10 or 11 of these mountains in the Sunshine Coast region. Some you can climb. The whole area is a national park and there's lots of walking tracks.
  8. Sydney:
    My sister lives in Sydney, so from time to time I visit.
  9. Sydney Harbour Bridge
    You can walk over it, drive, catch the train over it or climb it. Choices abound!
  10. The Opera House
    I've not seen a show here but have walked around it many times. It's bigger that I imagined it to be.
  11. Bondi Beach
    It can get quite crowded at times though. There's also some nice beaches to the south.
  12. Sydney Aquarium
    My sister took me to the aquarium when I first visited. As I was gazing with wonder into each display, she would tell me some information about each fish (origin, habitat preference, etc). I thought perhaps she'd been here so many times that she oozed knowledge. She later confessed that she was reading it from the plaques that I'd failed to notice!
  13. Sydney Tower
    There's a revolving restaurant at the top. My sister and I took our parents here for their 40th wedding anniversary. Great views of the whole city.
  14. Taronga Zoo
    I fell in love with these giraffes on my last visit. And the meerkats. And the elephants.
  15. The Blue Mountains
    Gorgeous place, so many photo opportunities. The area gets its 'blue' name due to the blue haze around the mountains.
  16. Melbourne:
    I lived in Melbourne for several years and visited regularly when one of my best friends lived there. I love it. It's like my second home.
  17. Walk around the city
    So many laneways. So many restaurants and cafes.
  18. Fitzroy
    If you're vegan, like me, this suburb has the greatest concentration of vegan restaurants in the whole of Melbourne. Particularly Brunswick Street. I could eat here forever.
  19. Visit the Queen Victoria Markets
    So much good food! In addition to endless fruit and vegetable stalls, there's a meat and seafood hall and a deli area.
  20. Yarra Valley
    A LOT of wineries.
  21. Mornington Peninsula
    More wineries. Plus picturesque views of Port Phillip Bay.
  22. Phillip Island
    To see the Fairy Penguins. They are so cute. And so noisy!
  23. Great Ocean Road
    Home of the 12 Apostles. Or however many are left standing now. Also, magnificent ocean views.
  24. Thanks for the list request @reconditioner 😊