Instagram Advertising

I'm not sure exactly how Instagram decides what ads to put in my feed. I'm assuming there's an algorithm of some kind. This morning this algorithm couldn't be more off target.
  1. Instagram is WAY off their target audience here.
    Unless their target audience in this case is all women everywhere. Am not likely to ever need this business.
  2. This is not likely to interest me.
  3. I have a phone and I'm a woman. Why advertise a man's watch to me?
  4. What are you inferring Instagram?
    It's one thing for me to refer to myself as 'old', not cool for a stranger to suggest this. 😡
  5. How dare you?
  6. I hate golf.
    There, I've said it. I don't know what universe Instagram is in this morning when they suggested this for me.
  7. Know your audience, Instagram.
    I'm a pleb working for a company. Am unlikely to need this.
  8. I can understand the cat reference in this one. I will allow this one to pass.
  9. Again with the babies! Seriously, give it up Instagram.
  10. I have never played Candy Crush saga in my life, despite the plethora of Facebook requests from friends and relatives to play.
    These people have now been blocked for their relentless pursuit in persuasion.
  11. Might I also say, a little heavy on the advertising this morning!! Between 5:33am and 8:22am there are 10 ads.
    Just chill out Instagram, it's the weekend.