Introducing the Garden Eel

  1. I came across a pic posted by @NatGeo on Instagram a couple of weeks ago of the Garden Eel.
    This is the photo.
  2. First of all, I'd never heard of them before.
  3. But how cool are they?!
  4. These eels are pretty small & they burrow into the sea floor and poke out their heads & part of their bodies.
  5. They hang around like this and catch their food as it floats around with the underwater currents.
  6. They like the company of other garden eels so when they're all hanging out with their heads & upper bodies swaying in the water currents, they look like sea plants.
  7. They're pretty shy & will burrow all the way down into the sea floor if they suspect a threat.
  8. They live in depths between 15-45 meters.
  9. There's lots of different species of garden eels.
    Look how handsome this fellow is.
  10. Look at this guy, he's cute!
  11. Sources: wikipedia and my Dad, who has watched just about every single nature documentary ever made. Thanks Dad.