1. Ye olde black and white baby photo.
    I think this was my first official outing amongst all the relatives. Look how well behaved I am!
  2. According to Mum, I was mesmerized by the candle. I thought maybe I was sad that the cake was just out of my reach.
  3. Post your baby photos below! 👇
  4. Not buying your bullshit since 1988
    Suggested by   @Lisa_Fav
  5. Forget me, I've always just been obsessed with my parents in this photo😍
    Suggested by   @angelacroz
  6. I've always been a grumble.
    Suggested by   @idae
  7. Trying out to be the first female linebacker at 6 months old
    This outfit is what happened to babies before ultrasounds. All the old wives' tales said boy and my parents were too nice not to dress me in baby shower gifts.
    Suggested by   @kelrie
  8. Not really a "baby," but me and my patootie
    Celebrating nude bike rides since 1967
    Suggested by   @becktacular
  9. And I haven't stopped talking since...
    Suggested by   @shanaz
  10. It's really more of my parents than me but it's the only one I've got.
    Suggested by   @HisDudeness
  11. Suggested by   @k8zinker
  12. I'm about three, but mostly my dad is too cool.
    Suggested by   @celestestelle
  13. Me and my big sis, squeezing me with love
    Suggested by   @jb_piper
  14. SUGAR
    It's the only one I have right in front of me, my 5th birthday?
    Suggested by   @rachhello
  15. First Christmas, 4 months old
    Suggested by   @KikiHines
  16. As far as you know
    please let me have this. It's quite possibly me.
    Suggested by   @bdot
  17. haha
    Suggested by   @playcait
  18. 👶🏼
    Blue background ☑️ blue blanket ☑️ blue bottle ☑️ blue eyes ☑️
    Suggested by   @moonjockey
  19. Same.
    Suggested by   @summeranne
  20. My arms slimed down but the frightened turtle facial expression stayed.
    Suggested by   @kates08
  21. 1987
    Suggested by   @marcikm
  22. Yay, christmas!
    Suggested by   @mayla
  23. A bit blurry but proof that my Coca-Cola addiction started early. ✌️
    Suggested by   @helga
  24. Snug as a bug in a rug
    I was not ok.
    Suggested by   @denesha
  25. 1992. So bogan.
    Suggested by   @alanarogerrrrs
  26. Never been without a book since
    Suggested by   @Elisabeth
  27. Easter morning bed head and candy. Living the dream.
    Suggested by   @Lyds