1. Not quite sure what kind of expose-style details you're after here @Lisa_Fav.
    There's no dirt to dish on Jess whatsoever.
  2. But I will tell you some facts that I discovered about @jessicaz when I first met her.
  3. Disclaimer: some of these points may be slightly inaccurate.
    I'll let you decide which ones they are.
  4. Jess is an amazing hugger.
    Seriously, she could go professional with this. They are the best.
  5. Jess is taller than I anticipated. She's actually 6'6".
    She'd be great at basketball.
  6. Jess has powerful esp abilities.
    She knew I'd be wearing navy to the meetup and color-coordinated her outfit to match mine. Hosts need to pay attention to the finer details! She's got this covered.
  7. Jess impressed us all with her opera singing skills.
    Well, we were at The Theatre Bar at the End of the Wharf. It would have been weird if she hadn't serenaded us all as we enjoyed our first drinks.
  8. Jess and @lochie started to get quite friendly with each other.
    Notice the lack of a wedding ring. 😱
  9. Jess is great at organizing List Meetup party games.
    We had so much fun playing the 🇦🇺 Aussie Li.st Babes Choice Awards
  10. Bonus fun fact: Jess plays the ukulele!
    I had no idea!!
  11. Seriously though, it didn't feel like I met Jess for the first time. It was more like I was seeing her again after a long time apart.
    The first greeting hug was so good I didn't want it to end. And saying goodbye at the airport was so hard, I just wanted to bring her home with me. I can't wait to catch up with her in person again. She is the best. ❤️