I think this was my 16th or 17th birthday party.
  1. It started well enough.
    Everybody who said they were coming showed up. Win.
  2. Mum went all out on the food.
    Some classics on offer. Party pies, sausage rolls, lots and lots of sweets. Everyone was enjoying the food. Excellent.
  3. The guy I had a major crush on was coming to my party!
    I was pretty excited!
  4. I was wearing a great new pair of jeans.
    I loved these jeans. They gave me faux self confidence at the time.
  5. People were having a good time.
    There was music, dancing, laughter. Presents for me. Great. Maybe I would be finally bestowed the 'cool' factor that eluded me for most of my life.
  6. Someone came up with an idea for a party game.
    It involved a funnel and a coin. The object of the 'game' was to put the coin on your head, lean back and try to flick it into the funnel, which was slipped into the waistband of the jeans the person was wearing. Didn't sound like much fun but I'll give it a shot.
  7. I was the first participant of this 'game'.
    As I was the birthday girl, naturally. Okaaay...
  8. Funnel in jeans, coin on head. I got this.
    Only when I leaned back, one of the girls standing near me leaned forward and poured a full cup of icy soft drink into funnel, thus making me look like I'd peed myself. Mortified!
  9. The guy I had a major crush on stood next to me and laughed.
    Like a girl standing there with wet jeans was the pinnacle of comedy.
  10. I had to change my jeans.
    The jeans that gave me the faux confidence. Into the only other clean pair of jeans I owned. Which were a weird stonewash pair I reserved for home wear only. I was not happy.
  11. What I learned from this.
    Trust no one. If a guy laughs at you in this context then he is not good enough for you. And don't have birthday parties, at least not until you have better friends.