1. When I come across a photo of my CC on my phone and my first thought is to take a screenshot. And so I do.
  2. And then I come across a photo of my other, slightly newer CC and I take that screenshot too.
  3. Feeling good!
  4. And I think, should I maybe create different folders for each CC? Keep them separate perhaps?
    I'm all about organization.
  5. And then after a few moments have passed, I think "what am I doing?"
  6. What if someone hacks into my phone and sees all these screenshots of my CC's? They'll think I'm a weirdo. I better delete them.
  7. Plus, what if by some miracle I actually meet either one of my CC's and I'm showing him photos of my cat (cause I'm sure he'd be so into that!), and he starts scrolling through the rest of my photos and comes across screenshots of himself. So awkward!!
    How would I even start to explain? Also, don't scroll through someone else's photo album. Just don't.
  8. And so I delete them immediately.
  9. More moments pass and I think, "who the hell is going to hack into my phone?!"
    Seriously, who would even want to?
  10. And in what universe am I ever going to meet either of my CC's?!
    The likelihood of it ever happening is incredibly remote. I bet they discover Bigfoot keeps a pet unicorn before this happens.
  11. And even if I do, they will probably look right though me. I'm not famous/important. I know how this works.
  12. I want those photos back.
  13. So I search for them again. Re-take the screenshots and sit back, relieved.
  14. And then I realize there's a 'deleted items' folder in my photo album. I could've just moved them back to my photos folder like a normal person would.
    Perhaps the word 'normal' is a little strong in this situation, but it'll do.
  15. And then I think how much better my life would be if someone would just invent a special password locked folder for photos like @summeranne thought of. Then I wouldn't have to stress about what would happen if someone got hold of my phone and started scrolling through my photos.
  16. Someone please get on that, ok?
    I need to sleep soundly at night.
  17. Code breaker for this list: CC = Celebrity Crush
    In case you didn't know.