1. Farted loudly during a PT session.
    This was a few years ago. I was doing the last set of leg presses and my trainer told me to give it all I've got. Well, I did. I had to get a new trainer immediately. And go to a new gym.
  2. Concentrating on a task so intently that I dribble.
    And I don't realize it until I've REALLY dribbled. Like all the way down my shirt.
  3. Accidentally walking into the men's room.
    When I lived in Melbourne, I would frequently catch the train around the City Loop. Of the five stations in this loop, I have inadvertently barged into the men's room in four of them. Only one of these times I was slightly intoxicated. And I swear the signage wasn't clear, they were renovating, that one was clearly on Melbourne City Council.
  4. After enjoying a humorous email at work I thought I'd pass on the giggles to some friends I worked with. Pressed a wrong button and suddenly 'The Etiquette of Pooing at Work' has been forwarded to every team in my department, including the Centre Manager.
    Don't know why I didn't take it further and just cc the CEO as well.
  5. The many times I've tripped, slipped, fallen over or rolled my ankle while walking on a flat surface with no obstacles.
    It's a gift.