If you find yourself in South East Queensland, Australia then a visit to the Skywalk at Mount Tamborine is a must.
  1. Mount Tamborine is tucked away in the hinterland behind the Gold Coast.
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  2. The Skywalk is a 1.5 km walking track through the rainforest around Cedar Creek, Mount Tamborine. 300 meters of the track is on a steel bridge where you walk over the canopy of the rainforest. A walking track will then take you down to the rainforest floor and Cedar Creek.
    Here's the website if you're keen: rainforestskywalk.com.au
  3. Here's the entrance.
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    The walk will take about 45 minutes, or longer if you stop all the time to take photos like I did.
  4. The steel bridge.
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    Yes, it moves. Don't run or jump on it or you'll freak out the timid.
  5. You can barely see the rainforest floor from the Skywalk through the canopy of trees.
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  6. There are lots of photo opportunities.
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  7. Once on the walking track, you'll make your way through the rainforest down to Cedar Creek.
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  8. You'll come across some Strangler Fig trees.
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  9. And some mossy tree stumps.
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  10. And walk through a beautiful rainforest.
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  11. Until you reach Cedar Creek.
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  12. The creek looks like a trickle here but it flows quite a distance until it gets to Cedar Creek Falls.
    These are very pretty but will have to wait for another list another time.
  13. While you're at Mount Tamborine, check out the other walking tracks. There are plenty! My all time favorite is the Witches Falls circuit.
    This track is a 3.1 km circuit. I recommend walking the track in a clockwise direction. That way you'll get the steep part of the walk out of the way and you'll have more of the rainforest part at the very end of the walk.
  14. There's also a few wineries on the mountain.
    If you do the Witches Falls circuit, there's a winery close by, appropriately named Witches Falls Winery. If they have any of their wild ferment wines on offer, I highly recommend it. In fact, that goes for any of the wineries on the mountain. Really great wines on offer.
  15. And check out the views. You can hang glide off the west side of the mountain. Or you can just enjoy the view.
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