I was supposed to be writing this weekend (which I did), but I did manage to squeeze in more movies than usual. In viewing order.
  1. Trainwreck
    My Friday night started with this. Lots of giggles. Wine was enjoyed.
  2. The Dressmaker
    Saturday morning movie date with @callmesabby. I LOVED this movie!! From the moment Kate Winslet stepped off the bus in the middle of the night & uttered "I'm back, you bastards" she had me captivated with her flawless Aussie accent. This movie exceeded my expectations by far and I highly recommend it. Stop what you're doing and go see it immediately!!
  3. Inside Out
    Can't watch this movie enough.
  4. Love Actually
    I'm not normally known for being a Christmasy person. I'm not exactly the Grinch but I'm also not overly fond of tinsel. But perhaps seeing all the Christmas decorations in the stores on Saturday activated my latent Christmas spirit. I felt the need to watch my favorite festive movie on Saturday night.
  5. The Theory of Everything
    Can't believe I hadn't seen this movie until now. Made me feel like a lazy bum for sitting around complaining about stuff. Loved it.
  6. A Long Way Down.
    I've seen this movie a few times now & it's one of my favorites. It makes me feel a little more positive on a Sunday night as I face another week at work.