Inspired by @andersun
  1. Interstellar
    DVD - a rewatch with Dad.
  2. La La Land
    iTunes - love it!
  3. Arrival
    DVD - love this movie.
  4. The Vampire Diaries - seasons 1 - 6.5
    Streaming - had previously watched up to season 5.5 before calling it quits. Got the idea into my head that I really wanted to see how it ended. Am struggling to get through season 6, although I hear season 7 gets better.
  5. Hello Kitty Flanagan
    Streaming - Aussie comedienne, very funny show.
  6. The Little Death
    iTunes - hilarious Aussie comedy. Loved.
  7. The OA
    Streaming - loved. The scene in the cafeteria in the last episode gave me goosebumps.
  8. Another Earth
    iTunes - unusual, I loved it.
  9. The Fundamentals of Caring
    Streaming - great movie, watched twice.
  10. This is Where I Leave You
    iTunes - loved.
  11. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - season 3
    Streaming - favorite season so far.
  12. The Martian
    DVD - rewatch. Love it.
  13. Legally Blonde
    Streaming - would love to say this was a rewatch but if I'm being brutally honest, this was the first time I'd seen it. It was ok. It has a very young Matt Davis in it (Alaric - TVD) and sparked a discussion with one of my friends about where he was hotter - this movie or a stubble-wearing, whiskey-drinking vampire hunter who's bf is a vampire. I'm all for the second option, if anyone's curious.
  14. Hidden Figures
    iTunes - loved it.
  15. Yes Man
    Streaming - another movie I watched for the first time while on the bus on the way home from work. I liked it.
  16. The Meddler
    iTunes - enjoyed it.
  17. In a World...
    iTunes - loved this movie.
  18. Boytown
    iTunes - Aussie comedy about a boy band who reformed when they were old and washed up, now catering for the middle aged women of the world. Loved everything about this movie except the ending.
  19. 13 Reasons Why
    Streaming - liked it, some very confrontational scenes, made the mistake of watching the last ep while on the bus. Cue ugly crying face.
  20. The Bronze
    iTunes - quite funny in places.
  21. Love - season 2
    Streaming - enjoyed.
  22. What the Health
    Streaming - ok, nothing I haven't seen in other documentaries though.
  23. Stranger than Fiction
    Streaming - enjoyed it.
  24. Somewhere
    iTunes - it was ok.
  25. Freaky Friday
    Streaming - recommended to me cause Netflix noticed I was still catching up with the past when I chose to watch Legally Blonde and Yes Man. Another bus trip movie which I enjoyed.
  26. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
    Streaming - loved it.
  27. Australien Skies
    Streaming - yes, I am one of those people who watch UFO documentaries. This one was really interesting as it's based in Australia, and in South East QLD no less, which is where I live. Enjoyed it - not overly dramatized.
  28. Princess Diaries 1 & 2
    DVD - a rewatch after a stressful day. Enjoyed and intrigued for how PD3 might go.
  29. The Birdcage
    Streaming - a rewatch, most enjoyable.