1. I had a great weekend!
    It was a busy weekend and I'm tired now (I'm an old woman, after all), but still a great weekend!
  2. Saturday:
  3. I caught up with the very lovely @sally_lee and @danibee for brunch in the morning. Which morphed into lunchy drinks.
    It was SO good catching up with these wonderful ladies. We talked and laughed non stop! I get the feeling the cafe wanted our table for quite some time after we finished our meal but we were deep in conversation and could not be moved!! We'll have to catch up again soon! xo
  4. I then had some secret shopping to do for the upcoming Aussie List Meetup. Shhhhh.
    Mission was successful.
  5. Then I was off to the Brisbane Writers Festival for an afternoon seminar: Overlords and Underworlds.
    It was a panel Q & A with Justin Cronin, Angela Slatter and Candice Fox. Very interesting and entertaining thoughts on how to get into the mindset of a psychopath for your story. In case you need to know.
  6. At the end of the session, there was time for questions from the audience. The moderator had a copy of Angela Slatter's book Vigil to give to the audience member who asked the most interesting question.
    Challenge accepted.
  7. I had my question, I put my hand up, but the moderator got distracted by everyone else's hands going up.
  8. Finally he quietly crouched down next to me with the microphone (giving me a small heart attack as he did) and said I was next.
  9. But, by the time the guests had answered the current question, we'd run out of time.
  10. The moderator was very apologetic and decided to give me the book cause I missed out on my chance to ask my question.
    This NEVER happens to me, so I was thrilled!! Plus, I went up to Candice Fox right afterwards and got to ask my question anyway. She gave a great answer, too.
  11. Vigil - I've never read a book by a Brisbane author where the story is set in Brisbane. Am excited to read it.
  12. Passing through Whale Mall on my way to the bus.
    These giant whales have been suspended from the ceiling in the walkway since I was a kid. They play whale sounds through speakers. It's pretty cool, I love them.
  13. We also had an afternoon/evening storm.
    It was a pissweak storm but it poured for hours. This is the bus stop nearest the festival on my way home. Lots of rain.
  14. Sunday:
  15. It was a beautiful day in Brisvegas today!
    The sun was shining, the birds were singing.
  16. On my way to the library.
  17. Masterclass 1 for the day: World Building with Jay Kristoff.
    I wrote pages of notes and even came up with a couple of potential story ideas during this time. Loved it.
  18. Masterclass 2 for the day: Dazzling Dialogue with Toni Jordan.
    More hands on than I expected and Toni was a bubbling bundle of energy as she workshopped our dialogue into something more presentable. Loved it.
  19. Home: I am tired and my brain hurts. But it's been a great weekend and I'm smiling.
  20. Monday:
  21. I wish I had an extra couple of days off from work to put all this new knowledge into use.
  22. But sadly, I'm off to work.