It's Saturday morning in Brisbane, Australia & I have quite a busy weekend ahead. Well, it's busy for me - I'm much more of a stay inside & avoid interacting with other people kinda gal when my weekend arrives. Will try to update list with photos as I tick off my weekend To Do list.
  1. Saturday: Movie date with my wonderful friend @callmesabby. We're seeing Crimson Peak.
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  2. Saturday: Lunch with @callmesabby.
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    Involving post movie discussion & possible carbohydrate fest by eating pasta for lunch. CHANGE OF PLANS, IT'S ALL ABOUT THE ROLLS.
  3. Saturday: Tattoo time with @callmesabby!
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    We'd made our appointment weeks ago. The day is finally here!
  4. Saturday night: I need to start making notes, plans & outlines for upcoming NaNoWriMo.
    This starts really soon. How have I not done anything until now?
  5. Sunday: visiting one of my friends who just moved from Melbourne back to Brisbane. An all day event.
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    She just bought a house with her partner. I'll be visiting for the first time, catching up with her & her 2 beautiful cats. Also have put together a housewarming present for her - lots of fancy pantry items for her new kitchen. She loves to cook, I can't wait to give it to her! I LOVE HER NEW HOUSE. THIS IS THE VIEW FROM THE KITCHEN. 😊
  6. Sunday night: more NaNoWriMo work.
    Preparation is the key.
  7. Post weekend note: I did everything on my list except my NaNoWriMo prep. Bad writer.