1. Each Christmas I listen to one of my favorite records from my childhood. Usually when I'm decorating the tree.
  2. My favorite childhood record is A Chipmunk Christmas.
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  3. Here's the back view.
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  4. It tells the miraculous story of how Alvin's friendship and kindness saved Tommy, the new boy in school.
  5. I know ALL the words.
  6. In all the voices.
  7. But this year I forgot to play it. It feels weird to listen to it post-Christmas.
  8. As a side note, this was a joint gift from an aunt to my sister & I when we were little. There was the record & corresponding cassette version.
    Don't buy joint presents for children! Not ever!! They will fight about it for years, well into adulthood. My sister made a passing comment a few years ago about the disappearance of the cassette. I shrugged & said, "No idea." I know EXACTLY where the cassette is!!