Disclaimer: I am not an expert. In any way.
  1. I come up with an idea
    Sometimes I get story ideas from a dream, where I wake up and go, "Whaaaaat...?!!" I write it down and go from there. Other times I'm playing with a couple of other ideas and before I know it a baby idea is born.
  2. I make plans to execute the idea
    I open a new scrivener file, arrange the folders to how I think they'll work best and start working on an outline, character descriptions, etc. Heady times.
  3. I start writing
    The first few days are pretty exciting. I'm smashing word targets and think this is the best thing I've ever written. Hell, it's the best thing that anyone's ever written!
  4. The writing slows down
    I skip a day here and there, claiming lack of inspiration. Even though I already have an outline, however rough it may be.
  5. Doubt creeps in and sets up camp
    Doubt is a sneaky house guest. First it brings an overnight bag, claiming it needs a place to crash just for a night or two. Then another suitcase appears, and before I know it Doubt is using my writing space to store its furniture long term.
  6. I try to evict Doubt
    Many arguments ensue. I try to argue that Doubt never signed a lease so I have the right to kick it out at anytime. Doubt comes back with accusations that my project is going nowhere and it's only trying to save me time and energy in the long run.
  7. I start to believe Doubt
    I read over what I've written in all its unedited glory. Could Doubt be right?
  8. Procrastination moves in with Doubt
    Who knew Procrastination and Doubt were a couple?! Ugh, now they're eating all the food in the fridge.
  9. I finally kick out both Procrastination and Doubt
    I get help with this by asking a friend to act as reinforcement in case the eviction process turns nasty. I reluctantly agree to store their stuff in the garage though until they can find more permanent lodgings. I'm such a pushover.
  10. I write, write, write
    I take advantage of the peace and quiet now that Doubt and Procrastination are gone. I catch up on word targets and meet my self-imposed first draft deadline just in time. Cue pop of a champagne bottle.
  11. Relief and elation
    I finished the first draft! Yes! I feel on top of the world. Pizza party and high fives all round.
  12. Doubt has broken up with Procrastination
    And needs a place to stay. While it's there, it reads my first draft without my permission and convinces me not to take it further. The first draft stays on my hard drive.
  13. I come up with another idea
    And so it goes...