Having worked in a bank for 3 years & 25 days, I tend to be slightly desensitized to the sight of money. I do quite like the colors of our notes though.
  1. 11.
    5 cents
    These look pretty but they're tiny and a little annoying. I always end up with a heap in my purse. They fall out easily too.
  2. 10.
    10 cents
    See above. Slightly bigger and less annoying.
  3. 9.
    20 cents
    Cute with the platypus and all that but they're heavy.
  4. 8.
    50 cents
    Also heavy but funky shape. My favorite of the silver coins.
  5. 7.
    Second favorite gold coin. Sometimes they do commemorative pressings of this coin.
  6. 6.
    Favorite gold coin. They do commemorative pressings of these coins from time to time too, usually with pretty colors.
  7. 5.
    Pretty colors. Good for small purchases. Gum, mints, chocolate, etc.
  8. 4.
    Again, pretty colors. Better to have handy than the $5's.
  9. 3.
    Pretty nice to have.
  10. 2.
    I quite like these ones. Most commonly found in my purse during the 2-3 days after pay day.
  11. 1.
    My personal favorite. Quite a rare sight in my purse though. People sometimes complain that they're hard to 'break' in shops. I've never had that problem.