Some of my favorites 😊
  1. willitbeard
    Just a guy with random stuff artfully arranged in his beard.
  2. chiliphilly
    A Melbourne guy who lives to crochet.
  3. symmetrybreakfast
    Every morning a new breakfast is mirrored.
  4. picturesoftext
  5. hillofcontent
    My favorite Melbourne bookstore. I try to pop in whenever I'm in town.
  6. ihavethisthingwithfloors
  7. mappinsnursery
    I love having plants around, and this is the best nursery in Brisbane.
  8. theawkwardyeti
    Love these ❤️
  9. freshwater_unagi
    The guy who did my recent tattoo does some amazing work.
  10. newyorkairbook
    Photos of New York from the air, of course.
  11. lensaloft
    More aerial photos of Australian cities this time, mainly Melbourne.