Some of my favorites 😊
  1. willitbeard
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    Just a guy with random stuff artfully arranged in his beard.
  2. chiliphilly
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    A Melbourne guy who lives to crochet.
  3. symmetrybreakfast
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    Every morning a new breakfast is mirrored.
  4. picturesoftext
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  5. hillofcontent
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    My favorite Melbourne bookstore. I try to pop in whenever I'm in town.
  6. ihavethisthingwithfloors
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  7. mappinsnursery
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    I love having plants around, and this is the best nursery in Brisbane.
  8. theawkwardyeti
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    Love these ❤️
  9. freshwater_unagi
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    The guy who did my recent tattoo does some amazing work.
  10. newyorkairbook
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    Photos of New York from the air, of course.
  11. lensaloft
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    More aerial photos of Australian cities this time, mainly Melbourne.