1. The State Library
    The atmosphere is peaceful and the smell of books lulls me into a state of intelligent bliss.
  2. The Queensland Museum
    Especially when there's a really cool exhibition showing and no other people around. You could pretend that you're walking around your own home filled with curious and unusual objects d'art. They tend to frown on you doing this with a glass of wine in your hand though.
  3. Mappins Nursery, West End
    THE place to go for all your plant needs.
  4. The German Sausage Hut
    For the beer and the wine, not the sausage. Unless you're a carnivore, then eat up!
  5. The top of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs
    For great views of the city, any time of the day or night
  6. The Planetarium, Mt Cootha
    Especially on a hot summer day. The air conditioning is icy and there's a good chance you'll learn something about space.