Thanks for the LR Jess!!
  1. I'm so happy rn
  2. So much good wine.
  3. There was food
  4. Wine
  5. It was red wine
  6. We had cake
  7. We watched a movie
  8. I forget what it was called
  9. It had Keanu reeves in it
  10. And a puppy
  11. It died. The puppy that is. He got another one at the end of the movie. But still, it was sad. He killed the guy who killed the puppy though so it was okay.
  12. I snuggled with some cats while we watched the movie.
  13. Sleepy time now 😴
  14. ❤️
  15. Edit: the next morning. Am glad I packed aspirin. Tea. I need tea.