What better way to spend the last day of your holidays than by exploring a past life?
  1. The aim of session was to explore a past life in order to better understand why I am stuck in certain aspects of this life.
    Simple enough concept. I've read many books on this & was excited to try it for myself.
  2. The hypnotherapist did say at the start of the session that this doesn't work with everyone.
  3. And she was right - it didn't work on me.
  4. Instead, a whole heap of stuff from my current life came bubbling up to the surface.
  5. Stuff I'd completely forgotten about. Like from early childhood.
    Nothing too disturbing, thankfully, but enough to cause problems in the session.
  6. Stuff that made me go "What the hell? Where did that come from?"
  7. Stuff that made me cry solidly for just over half an hour.
    So embarrassing, I hate crying in front of other people. If I know ahead of time that a particular movie is going to make me cry, I'll go see it by myself.
  8. Now I'm left feeling tired, emotional & headachy.
  9. And I'm super happy to be going back to work tomorrow.