Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Once upon a time, many MANY years ago, back when I was in high school, I was enrolling for new subjects in grade 11 and 12.
    I have absolutely no idea the corresponding high school equivalent in the US. It's the last two years anyway.
  2. One of my career options that I was considering at the time was as an architect.
    I ended up going completely in another direction, but that's for another story/list.
  3. I was studying Graphics (technical drawing), which I was quite good at, if I do say so myself.
    I was consistently getting A's. Pretty happy.
  4. There was a new subject being offered called Technical Studies. It was primarily a design subject.
    My Graphics teacher recommended I take it. He thought it would be good for me, given the career direction I was thinking of going into.
  5. Basically, each semester, you would think of a problem that needed solving, come up with a creative solution and then make it using any combination of shop A (woodwork) or B (metalwork).
    Or it could have been anything really, they were very open to suggestions.
  6. I was assured/promised that there would be an even mix of boys and girls in this class.
    This was important to me because I was PAINFULLY shy in high school. I was incredibly awkward.
  7. Imagine my horror on Day 1 to find that I was the ONLY girl in a class of about 40.
  8. I considered giving up and dropping out of the subject.
  9. This was my only thought during the first two weeks.
  10. But I stuck with it.
  11. Even though no one would even talk to me.
    Except for the teacher. Which didn't help me much
  12. Even though throughout those two years I was constantly laughed at by all the boys in the class.
    "Oooh, let's all laugh at her sawing a piece of wood or welding some metal together." Not smart when you think about it boys. I was armed. I could have snapped at any time over your ridicule.
  13. Fast forward two years and as it turns out, I earn the highest grade in the entire class.
  14. That's right, I wipe the smugness off all their faces and beat every single one of them.
    Girl Power!
  15. My theory for this achievement is that since no one would talk to me, I had no choice but to actually do the work.
  16. But still, I took out the subject prize in some lame high school ceremony at the end of it all, which made me happy at the time.
  17. And that's it really. I peaked in high school and it's been a long slow decline ever since.