It's my work Christmas party tonight. I don't want to go...
  1. Technically, I'm on holidays. Why would I want to hang out with the people I'm trying to get away from?
  2. They probably know this cause they've chosen my favorite restaurant as the venue.
    Sneaky. Very sneaky.
  3. It's so hot outside. And humid. And I don't want to leave the air-con.
  4. I'm in my 'home attire'.
    In other words, I'm in a comfy t-shirt, stretchy pants & no bra. Why would I want to change this?
  5. My cat doesn't want me to leave.
    It's true, he told me so personally. I can't argue with that.
  6. But seriously, my favorite restaurant?
  7. Damn it. I'm going.
    Sigh. I hope my work secret santa got me something good.
  8. As an afterthought, I will have to delete this list should any of my colleagues discover this app.
  9. UPDATE: requested by @becktacular!
  10. The food was amazing. This is the best Indian food in all of Brisbane!
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  11. My work secret santa did good.
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    I'm a big tea drinker & am of the philosophy that you can never have too many teapots!
  12. My boss wanted to talk to me about all the crap she's had to deal with in my one working day's absence thus far. I chose to sit at the other end of the table & drink lots of wine! 🍷
  13. All in all, a good night. But I'm glad I'm home now & can get into my jim jams. 😊