My desk/office is in public view and it's company policy to not personalize it in any way. Heaven forbid a customer walks in and thinks I may have a personality. But here's what's in my office.
  1. Computer
  2. This squished up little fluffy chicken I found in the corner of the desk drawer when I first started. We're work best friends now.
    He sits on the top of my computer monitor and watches over me as I work 🐤
  3. Grapes
    I love to snack but I'm trying to snack on healthy stuff so going to the gym every day isn't just to work off those 100 or so smoked almonds I've managed to shove in my mouth throughout the day. Before I start on the rice crackers.
  4. Tea
    Green tea. And not the good stuff.
  5. Tissues
    I always buy tissue boxes with colorful designs. Also the clock on my phone shows 9 September 12:10 am. I don't know how to fix it.
  6. This calculator that's annoying AF to use but I don't want to request a new one cause for some reason I will associate that with permanency in my job. Even though I've been here for 3 years. And 29 days.
  7. This little guy
    Cause I like pretty flowers.
  8. This plant
    His name is Arthur.
  9. This dead plant (that I need to throw out soon) and the rest of the day's fruit.
  10. Cause sometimes you need to put a double sunflower inside your cupboard.