Week 2, here we go!
  1. Monday
    I had a TERRIBLE day at work! The only thing I wanted to do at the end of it was go home & crawl under the covers. And maybe order a pizza with extra toppings. But I didn't. I went to the gym & did 50 minutes of cardio. Also had a very entertaining chat with my personal trainer. He also showed me some treadmill features I wasn't aware of. As a result, instead of just walking, I walked around LA and through the Hollywood hills. Felt great afterwards. Work problems? What's that?!
  2. Tuesday
    45 minute walk through British Columbia national parks. Loving this new virtual trail feature on the treadmill.
  3. Wednesday
    Weights today. Plus a 25 minute bike ride through the streets of Paris.
  4. Thursday
    55 minutes cardio. 30 minutes on the bike, riding through a VERY mountainous track in the South Island of New Zealand. Feel the burn! Followed by 25 minutes virtual walking tour through Sydney.
  5. Friday
    Day off. Went home and had an early night. Like the party animal I am.
  6. Saturday
    Really wanted to stay at home today and not have to interact with other people. Instead I did yoga for an hour. And now my muscles are really sore!
  7. Sunday
    My muscles after yoga yesterday are like 😰!!! I slept in and am spending the day spent home alone. With my cat. 😊
  8. I weighed in before I started Week 1 and was curious on Thursday morning if all this exercise combined with healthy meals had produced a lower result on the scales.
    It turns out I have lost a grand total of zero kilos. In case anyone is curious as to the equivalent in pounds, it is also zero! I was not amused but went to the gym after work even more determined. Grrrrr. 😡
  9. Bring on next week!
    I'm hoping to try at least one new class.
  10. Thanks for the list request!