Not the blazing start I'd hoped for. I even did a trial run in September to see if I could do this. Turns out I could. Admittedly it was 30K not 50K words, but still.
  1. During October
    OMG, I have got THE best story idea!! I can't wait until November so I can start. I'm going to write 5000 words on the first day to get a head start!
  2. October 30th
    My idea is shit. No one would want ever to read that story. I need a new idea.
  3. October 31st
    Ok, so I have another idea. This one is epic. Rough outline is done. Character names sorted. I got this.
  4. November 1st
  5. November 2nd
  6. November 3rd
    Nope. What was I thinking? This idea is far too epic & involved for me to even make sense of right now.
  7. November 3rd/4th
    I have this weird-arsed dream that was so fantastic & bizarre that as soon as I wake up I combine pieces of the dream in different ways and bam! I have a story. Crisis averted.
  8. November 4th
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    Now I'm like this.
  9. And my November writing calendar looks like this.
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