I was at the movies today, didn't see Star Wars, but I did see a lot of this.
  1. Star Wars balloons.
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  2. More Star Wars balloons.
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  3. Wait, more Star Wars balloons.
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  4. One more time then.
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  5. And this dude.
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  6. Star Wars Lego display.
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  7. More Star Wars Lego.
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  8. Hang on, more Star Wars Lego.
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  9. And the balloons again.
    C2a01fe5 f090 4d48 9c75 6382eff8dcc5
  10. This is probably the closest I'll get to seeing the movie.
  11. I'm not really all that excited about it.
  12. And it makes me wonder if I'm missing something.
  13. Am I a bit of a freak for not being head over heels in love with Star Wars?
  14. If so, I guess that's just something I'll have to live with cause I'm not changing.