AKA Happy Anzac Day.
  1. April 25th is Anzac Day for Australia and New Zealand.
    This is the anniversary date of the Australian and New Zealand troops landing in Gallipoli in 1915. But it's also the day where we commemorate all the soldiers who died while in combat.
  2. Traditionally there are dawn services held around the country, a parade and The Last Post is played.
  3. A couple of years ago, when I maintained a photography site for Brisbane, I posted a picture of The Shrine of Remembrance in Anzac Square in the city with the caption 'Happy Anzac Day'.
  4. Someone left a comment, vehemently complaining that the sentiment I conveyed was inappropriate as it was supposed to be a day of quiet reflection. A day of remembrance, not of wild parties and celebrations.
  5. This is true in a way, but for me and for my family we always celebrated this day.
  6. To us, the fact that my Grandpa came home from WW2 alive was something to be very happy about.
  7. Certainly something to celebrate.
  8. Grandpa was the most amazing man. He was incredibly kind, caring and generous. He adored his grandchildren and loved to spend time with us.
  9. He was quiet but always knew exactly what to say in every situation.
  10. He gave the best hugs in the world, had an amazing sense of humor and lightning quick wit.
  11. He never, ever talked about the war. And we knew to never, ever ask him.
  12. The only thing he ever let slip about this time was his experience trying to make beer in between fighting.
    To keep the home brew as cool as they could, they would bury it in the sand or dirt. But at times that didn't work and the accelerated fermentation would sometimes cause the bottles to explode. Which in a war, you could imagine, caused a bit of panic!
  13. Grandpa was always there for birthdays and Christmases. He dressed up as Santa when we were little, which in the incredible heat of a Brisbane summer says something about how awesome he was!
  14. So yes, I've always celebrated Anzac Day. And I always will.
    When we were younger, we would usually go to my Grandparent's house for a barbecue with all the relatives. We'd eat so much food we'd be in a food coma by mid afternoon, when Grandma would then serve several desserts! There would be music, laughter, and many happy memories were made.
  15. This is the second Anzac Day now without Grandpa and I'm so glad we celebrated with him every chance we could.
  16. He was the best and he will always be missed.
    And I'd like to remember him in a celebratory way.
  17. Happy Anzac Day ❤️