1. First of all, Friday night was great.
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    Caught up with some very good friends for dinner. The kind of friends that make you laugh and laugh until tears are streaming down your face and you can't breath from the extreme joy. A perfect way to kick off the weekend.
  2. Then Saturday morning was like this.
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    So much relaxing took place and not much of anything else. Movies were watched and a nap squeezed in. Bliss.
  3. Saturday afternoon was all about the wild weather.
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    A hail storm that just would not end!
  4. Sunday morning was spent reading.
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    I both love the feeling of a physical book in my hands and the convenience/portability of my kindle. Today was about the kindle.
  5. Sunday afternoon was all about writing.
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    Have been such a bad NaNoWriMo participant these last few days, and I didn't write at all on Saturday. I wrote more than my projected target today though to try to get ahead a little. Mission accomplished.
  6. Sunday evening: end of weekend blues and the realization that I hadn't given one thought to washing my uniform for work next week.
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    Oh well, my bad. Cheers!!