Aka "Am I going to make it?"
  1. I have my doubts. There's 4 full days left & my word count is at 31K.
    Why did I think it was a good idea to not write on several days throughout this month? Hmmm? Just what have I got to say for myself?
  2. I'm not sick of my story yet, but it's stalling a little.
    It's getting to be a real struggle to write more than 500 words at a time before I need to take a break. Of about an hour.
  3. I keep thinking of things that urgently need attending to.
    Instead of writing, obviously.
  4. My attention span is really short right now.
    Oh look, is that a shiny new list? I must read, like, re-list, comment on, find new people to follow & ponder life's serious questions. Such as, just what IS my favorite emoji?