A small taster of my hometown, Brisbane.
  1. Southbank Parklands.
    Across the river from Brisbane city, this site used to be the home of Expo 88. I'm showing my age here by telling you that I remember it vividly. Anyway, the grounds were transformed into parklands afterwards. There's lots of barbecue areas, restaurants, markets on the weekend (although they're pretty touristy) and even a beach.
  2. The beach at Southbank.
    I've never swum in it. I probably never will. It reeks of chlorine. But it looks good.
  3. Also the Brisbane Wheel is at Southbank.
    Not as impressive as other wheels in other cities, but still pretty cool.
  4. It also looks pretty at night.
    The Powers that Be who run the Brisbane Wheel change the colors from time to time.
  5. The walk along the river at Southbank is quite pretty.
  6. City Botanical Gardens.
    The gardens in the city are right on the edge of the river so you'll get lots of cool river breezes in the summer. There's a walking track and boardwalk through the mangroves that takes you right around the edge of the gardens.
  7. Mount Coot-tha Botanical Gardens.
    A short distance outside of the city centre, these gardens were created in 1978 after the Brisbane City Council got tired of cleaning up after several floods that kept wiping out the gardens in the city between 1870 and 1974. They still kept the city gardens though, and the last time they had flood damage was in 2011. 📷: online.
  8. Make sure to visit the Tropical Dome.
    My favorite place in the whole gardens and has been since my first visit as a kid. I was always terrified I was going to fall into the water though. This fear has never been realized, thankfully.
  9. There's a lookout at Mount Coot-tha with views of the city.
  10. And a planetarium.
    You'll learn about all sorts of space stuff. 📷: online.
  11. And the Freedom Wall.
    To commemorate 50 years of peace in the Pacific region since WWII and honor the individuals who fought for Australia. My grandpa's name is on a plaque here.
  12. The Roma Street Parklands.
    So many gardens in Brisbane!!
  13. The Queensland Museum.
    If you get tired of all the outdoor stuff you can head to the museums. Permanent exhibitions are about the history of local culture in the state of Queensland, but from time to time they'll host a visiting exhibition. At the moment there's an exhibition on Medieval Power which I still haven't gone to. I've got until April 8th to get my act together. 📷: online.
  14. The corridor leading into the museum is called Whale Mall.
    There are several life-size replicas of whales suspended from the ceiling. They play whale sounds. I don't know why, but they've been there since I was a kid.
  15. The Art Gallery and GOMA.
    The building exterior of the art gallery looks like something left over from the 70's. Probably cause that's when it was built. But it's really pretty inside. GOMA (Gallery Of Modern Art) building is much newer and usually has lots of cool exhibitions.
  16. City Hall.
    A beautiful building, the interior was restored not that long ago. In my opinion, it has the nicest and cleanest public toilets in the whole city. An important fact to know.
  17. The view from the Clock Tower at City Hall.
    You can take the original (but restored) elevator to the top of the tower and take in the views of the city.
  18. The Clock Tower.
    You can also step out onto the level where the clock face is.
  19. The Museum of Brisbane.
    This is housed in the upper level of City Hall. This museum displays exhibitions with a strong focus on the continuing evolution of the city and the people who live here. Here's a pic of a not so recent exhibition on looking back at Expo 88! 📷: online.
  20. The Twilight Markets are held at City Hall from time to time.
    These markets feature arts and crafts from local Brisbane artists. I liked these way better than the Southbank markets.
  21. The Treasury Casino.
    If gambling is your thing, there's the Treasury Casino. It's not my thing, and personally I was a bit upset that they took a beautiful heritage listed building and turned it into a casino. But whatever. At least they left the outside alone.
  22. Kangaroo Point Cliffs.
    Around the river a bit from Southbank is the Kangaroo Point Cliffs.
  23. You can abseil off the cliffs.
    And also climb back up again. Or do it in the reverse order if you prefer.
  24. At the base of the cliffs there's more barbecue areas and places to chill out while enjoying the views of the city.
    There's also more barbecues at the top of the cliffs. Brisbane's big on eating outdoors!
  25. They also look pretty at night.
    They're lit up all fancy.
  26. You can jump on a ferry and see the city from the river.
  27. Or from a City Cat.
  28. You can also hire a kayak and dodge the ferries on the river.
  29. You can climb the story bridge.
    I haven't done this yet, but I want to. Maybe this year.
  30. Here's a useful sign for finding your way to the places I've listed.
  31. Well, these are some places you can visit in Brisbane. I hope everyone enjoyed it. Thanks for the list request @minhal ❤️
    There's much more you can see if you travel out of Brisbane into the greater South East Queensland area. Places such as the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Australia Zoo, The Glasshouse Mountains, Mount Tamborine, The Scenic Rim mountains, etc.
  32. Unless credited otherwise, I took all the photos in this list 📷😊
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