1. I've sat on this list request for a while, sorry @kate81, but I wasn't quite sure exactly what to include in the list.
  2. You gave me a choice: 'tales from when I was a chef' or 'pros and cons of being a chef'.
    I've gone with pros and cons mainly because I don't think any of my 'chef tales' are interesting enough.
  3. Pros:
  4. Depending on the restaurant, you get free meals.
    Sometimes if there's lots of food left over from something you get to take it home.
  5. You get to try the meals that are destined for future menus before anyone else.
  6. You get to create new menus (this was my favorite part).
    I loved creating new desserts especially & putting a new twist on old favorites. It only feels creative for a little while though, you get used to the new menu & the fun wears off a bit. One restaurant I worked in, I was in charge of a menu that changed daily. This was fun. But then the owner's nephew took over & within 6 months had run the restaurant into the ground, leaving me feeling triumphant & jubilant as the last successful head chef in this place!! Sorry, got a bit carried away there...
  7. You create new swear words and combinations of swear words.
    There's a lot of fruity language flying around kitchens.
  8. Cons:
  9. Some chefs (not all) can be a little psychotic. There's a lot of knives around.
    Just saying.
  10. After handling food all day, your hands will stink.
    And no amount of scented soap or natural remedies will work. There will always be that faint smell that lingers. It's usually garlic.
  11. You can never have long nails.
    This isn't exactly a deal breaker for me though. I've never been one of those girls who has to have perfectly manicured nails. One of the many feelings I have about not fitting into the female ideology. But that's a whole other stream of thought.
  12. You're working when everyone else is having fun.
    Want to go out for dinner? Too bad, you'll be cooking dinner for a whole lot of people you'll never even meet.
  13. Your alcohol consumption levels increase. Generally. Usually.
    Only in retrospect can I look back and think to myself that maybe I was borderline alcoholic at one stage. At the very least my liver was on a path to destruction. It's much happier now.
  14. Aching feet, legs, knees, hips from constantly standing during a 12+ hour shift.
  15. Split shifts.
    Feels like you've been working all day and all night.
  16. Boredom
    Sometimes repetitive tasks can be mind numbingly boring. Such as peeling 20 kilos of onions, sorting through 5 large boxes of mesclun, plating up the same meal for for the 500th time.
  17. ...
  18. I hope this was mildly interesting @kate81, thanks for the list request and I'm sorry it took me so long!! ❤️