Random moments from the Aussie List Meetup weekend

Cause I took so many photos (not just of the meetup) and I'm not sure where to put them.
  1. Morning walk on Meetup Day!
    I couldn't sleep in, I was too excited.
  2. Appropriately named ferry at Circular Quay.
  3. How dare these people have a wedding at out meetup location?!
  4. You have to make the most of the golden light!
  5. Evidence of fun and frivolity.
  6. The group shot.
  7. Nocturnal wanderings between bars.
  8. Post meetup morning walk.
  9. On the way to hang out with @jessicaz and @Noams before it was time to go home.
  10. @lochie getting a taste for fancy accommodation.
  11. Late lunch with my sister.
    I wouldn't hear the end of it if I came to Sydney and didn't spend some time with my sister!! ❤️
  12. Goodbyes at the airport 😥
  13. Last photo with this gorgeous gal.
    📷: @jessicaz - professional hugger and co-host extraordinaire ❤️
  14. Stay tuned for more Aussie List Meetups in the future!