From time to time I get invited to reunions. This could be an event where everyone I ever worked with in a large corporation gathers together in one place to catch up (relatively rare but does occasionally happen) to a dinner with my old work team. Here's why I never want to go.
  1. These situations are the perfect chance to show everyone how well your life is going.
    But what do you do when things are actually a bit worse than when you saw these people last? Do you tell them or do you lie through your teeth and paste a fake smile on your face? Tricky.
  2. All the achievements they've posted on Facebook are potential subjects for discussion.
    You've been following them on Facebook as they post about their promotions, getting married, having children, how ridiculously happy and blessed they feel. While the only thing you've been posting on Facebook are humorous cat pictures & videos. It's hard to match their ambition.
  3. If you've put on weight or even lost weight, you are looked over & judged a little (or a lot) before they tell you how happy they are to see you.
    I can't stand this. I prefer to stay at home in my pajamas. My judgement free zone. My cat never judges me.
  4. If you opt to tell the truth about how crap things have been going for you...
    I have done this once before during a small reunion dinner with my old work team. Did I feel better for letting it out? Of course not. Their looks of pity & their silent struggle to say the right thing made me feel ten times worse. Not recommended.
  5. If you opt to lie or at the very least gloss over the details...
    I am not good at lying so will often choose to gloss over details. They usually lose interest in what I am saying and turn their attention to other, more successful people. This also makes me feel bad about myself. Make sure you have wine to drink.
  6. The best solution.
    Don't go. Stay at home with a bottle of wine & a selection of humorous DVDs. Lock the door, turn the lights down, don't answer the phone or look at Facebook for their reunion photos to show you what you're 'missing'. Cuddles with a cat optional but recommended.