This is mainly from the perspective of an eldest sister to her younger sister.
  1. I will walk you home from school. Even if we live 4 houses down the street from the school.
    And I'll carry your bag.
  2. When the next door neighbor's dog barks at you when you walk past and gives you a fright, I'll protect you.
    I'll laugh, cause the dog is only trying to say hi, but I'll protect you.
  3. I will protect you from bullies at school.
    Someone messes with you? They're toast! They're a puddle in the playground! But also, I won't interfere so much as to make you a target for teasing.
  4. I will do my best to 'break in the parents' and push the boundaries out further so that it will be easier for you when you try to do stuff.
  5. I will take you out to the movies when I'm considered old enough to be out alone.
    And we can go window shopping in all the stores Mum doesn't want to shop in.
  6. I will share my clothes with you.
  7. I will do your make up for you for your formal (prom in the US).
    Or any time you want.
  8. When I move out of home I will invite you over for weekend sleepovers so it's like we're still living under the same roof, but no parents!
    I will buy all your favorite food that Mum doesn't buy, we can stay up as late as you want and you can choose the movie.
  9. When I move interstate, you can come and stay for as long as you want.
    I'll pick you up from the airport and take you back to my place using the most scenic route.
  10. When you move interstate and I move closer to home, I'll keep an eye on our parents and do stuff for them that they can't do.
  11. I'll cat sit for you whenever I can. This is my niece, after all.
  12. When things fall apart within our family, I won't question why they all turn to me to keep it together, I'll just keep it together and keep you updated if you can't be here.
  13. I promise I'll tell you the whole truth about any parental illnesses, cause I know they sugar coat it for you. Even though you are an adult.
  14. I promise to always carry extra tissues for you when we go to funerals or watch sad movies, cause I know you always underestimate how many you'll need.
  15. Even though we don't always get along, I will always be there for you. Day or night.