A random selection.
  1. That I'll be using my eyelash curler, I'll sneeze and suddenly one eyelid is bald.
  2. Getting clothing caught in an elevator door.
    Bonus Fear Points if it's a glass elevator in a busy shopping centre. I pray I'm wearing my good underwear the day this potentially happens.
  3. Dying in the shower and having someone come across my naked body.
    What if the water's been running for several days? I'd be all bloated and gross. Quite a picture I've painted, huh? No one should have to deal with that.
  4. That I'll slide into bed and there will be a spider between the sheets or under the pillow and when I slide my hands under there to get comfy it'll bite me.
    A fear usually alleviated by checking under the pillow and in the sheets for spiders just before I go to bed. I do live in Australia. This could actually happen.