Ok, so it's probably not shocking to anyone but me.
  1. When I was young(er), I used to enjoy watching The Smurfs.
  2. But I never saw the very first episode.
  3. Anyway, our neighbors are moving soon and they wanted to get rid of some stuff they didn't want to take.
    There were a couple of boxes of DVDs that they said we could have first pick of before they had their garage sale.
  4. Amongst these DVDs was season 1 of The Smurfs.
  5. The very first episode explores how Smurfette came to be.
  6. It turns out she wasn't always part of the Smurf Village.
    It was just the boys.
  7. She was actually created by Gargamel using his evil magic to infiltrate the Smurf village and lead him to them.
    I had no idea!
  8. Gargamel made her without really paying too much attention to things like cute dress, nice hair, etc.
    He just wanted quick access to those Smurfs. That rascal.
  9. When she was discovered, Papa Smurf offered to use his good magic to reverse the evil spells Gargamel cast over her and make her a 'real' Smurf.
  10. And she now looked like the Smurfette we all know.
  11. She also had the chance to prove herself as a true Smurf at heart by rescuing the other Smurfs from Gargamel later in the episode.
  12. And so now I know the truth. At last.